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Research initiative to use collaborative approach on claims-based research

Stanford University and Southern Methodist University are launching a research initiative to tackle specific healthcare problems, collaborating with an Australian initiative. The U.S. research effort will rely on data analytics to solve vexing healthcare problems, such as identifying new ways to enhance patient outcomes while controlling costs, and better handling of the opioid epidemic. The… Read More »

VA enrolls 750,000 participants in genetics research initiative

The Department of Veterans Affairs’ Million Veteran Program is three-quarters of the way to reaching its enrollment goal, with the aim of bringing precision medicine to VA healthcare. With 750,000 participants currently enrolled, the agency says it has reached a major milestone and has one of the world’s largest genomic databases as part of a… Read More »

Harvard research targets cancer drivers

Discoveries in cancer research have included everything from genes that can transform healthy cells into tumor cells to advances related to tumor immunology, but those breakthroughs have often led to new complexities, leaving researchers with additional questions. Now, the limits of those complexities may be coming into view. Evidence uncovered by a team of researchers… Read More »