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$40K ‘Bambino’ cocktail comes with a check signed by Babe Ruth

Babe “The Great Bambino” Ruth was no stranger to excess. He frequented brothels, crashed Cadillacs, smoked cigars prolifically and once ate a dozen hot dogs between double-header games. But the scotch-loving Ruth probably did not drink as well as whoever opts to blow $ 40,000 on a one-of-a-kind swig (and then some) up for grabs… Read More »

What CBD And Grapefruit Have In Common When It Comes To Drug Interactions: Risks You Should Know

Getty Interest in cannabidiol (CBD) is exploding. Now that major retailers are carrying CBD products, plus an enormous selection online, curiosity is only going up. But along with the enthusiasm, we also need healthy skepticism and caution. CBD research is still in the early stages, and marketing is predictably outpacing facts. Concerns about safety, among… Read More »