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People should be able to get health care without going bankrupt, GoodRx co-CEO says

Doug Hirsch, co-founder and co-CEO of digital pharmacy GoodRx, is on a mission to save people from health care-induced bankruptcy, he told CNBC’s Jim Cramer in San Francisco on Wednesday. The average deductible costs more than $ 1,500, leaving the average American in a bind, Hirsch said. In particular, the majority of millennials don’t have… Read More »

Democrats Have No Safe Options On Health Care – FiveThirtyEight

Even though most of the candidates have committed to some form of universal health care, the Democratic primary is turning into a debate about the future of the country’s health care system. Presidential hopefuls have proposed policies ranging from an ambitious four-year plan to transform Medicare into a universal single-payer system, in which the government… Read More »

Aetna is latest insurer to partner with Aledade on ACO-focused care

The latest partnership between ACO-focused healthcare IT firm Aledade and an insurer is an agreement with Aetna to expand value-based primary care offerings in Delaware, West Virginia and Utah. The agreement gives participating physicians new opportunities to share in healthcare savings if they deliver improved outcomes at lower costs. The partnership will also expand Aetna… Read More »