MAFS, Cyrelle, a cancer relapse, and returning to reality: Nic Jovanovic explains

By | April 14, 2019

NIC Jovanovic’s life has turned completely outside down in recent months.

Firstly the 28-year-old Newcastle electrician became an overnight celebrity as his face was beamed into homes across Australia, up to four nights per week, as a contestant on Channel Nine’s reality TV car crash drama, Married At First Sight.

An estimated 2.61 million people tuned into watch the MAFS reunion season finale on Monday night.

But while viewers were salivating over the cheating scandals, drunken dinner table stoushes or the volcanic outbursts from Jovanovic’s fiery TV wife, Cyrell Paule, the man himself was enduring a real life drama.

A day after the debut of MAFS on January 28, Jovanovic underwent surgery to remove his left testicle after he was diagnosed with cancer for a second time.

Jovanovic was initially diagnosed with testicular cancer four years ago and he revealed during MAFS that complications from the surgery had left him unable to ejaculate and had forced him to freeze his sperm so he could one day bear children.

Jovanovic discovered a lump in his left testicle while showering over Christmas and subsequent tests revealed the cancer had returned.

But with filming for the MAFS reunion dinner party scheduled for January, he opted to wait until his television commitments were complete before going under the knife. It was followed by a bout of chemotherapy.

“There was just so much happening with the show just about to start, I had to film the reunion, it was just ridiculous,” Jovanovic tells Weekender on Tuesday morning, the day after the final episode of MAFS.

“Just to go through that again and deal with the show, it was full on. A massive, massive couple of weeks.”

Just to go through that again and deal with the show, it was full on.

Nic Jovanovic

Jovanovic is again in remission and feeling healthy. And with a new-found profile, he has decided to lend his support to the Movember Foundation’s “Know Thy Nuts” campaign during April for Testicular Cancer Awareness Month.

“It’s just trying to encourage men out there to have a feel once a month or every couple of weeks in the shower,” he says.

“Feel around and if something doesn’t feel right, if there’s a lump, or it’s different or feels sore, it could be nothing. But don’t take the risk and say, ‘she’ll be right.’

“You need to go and get checked.”

While the actions of many MAFS contestants on this latest season suggest they were more interested in becoming Instagram influencers or actors, Jovanovic says he has no plans to leave his electrical job working on Hunter Valley coal trains.

TOUCHY SUBJECT: Newcastle's Married At First Sight star Nic Jovanovic is encouraging all men to check themselves for testicular cancer.

TOUCHY SUBJECT: Newcastle’s Married At First Sight star Nic Jovanovic is encouraging all men to check themselves for testicular cancer.

“I’m definitely not chasing any media or fame, that doesn’t interest me,” he says.

“But if I can use my big head and my platform for good things then that’s what I want. I love seeing people smile.

“If I can save some lives on the way by raising awareness, then that’s the best part. Even when I mentioned my first bout of cancer in the show I had so many people message me and say, ‘I’m going to get checked’ or ‘I went through this’.”

The brutal reality and repercussions of “insta fame” has dawned on many of the MAFS contestants.

Kardashian wannabe Martha Kalifatidis said earlier this week she was afraid to leave her parents’ Melbourne home after receiving death threats, Lauren Huntriss slammed the show’s producers for portraying her as a “deadset nympho” and bad boy Sam Ball has expressed his regret in appearing on the show following his central role in the program’s first cheating scandal.

Jovanovic was one of the few contestants who emerged from the so-called “experiment” without damage to his reputation.

He drew overwhelming support from fans, in particular, for rejecting the advances of resident villain, Jessika Power, to begin a “extramarital” affair.

“A lot of people at the start were saying, ‘why am I getting portrayed like this, what have I done’?,” he says.

BREAK DOWN: Nic Jovanovic's TV wife Cyrell Paule, was one of the show's most controversial characters due to her volcanic temper.

BREAK DOWN: Nic Jovanovic’s TV wife Cyrell Paule, was one of the show’s most controversial characters due to her volcanic temper.

“I was like, ‘what do you mean? They’re your words, your actions. No one forces you to say anything. If you wanted to say or do that then it was your choice’.

“I thought I came across as me. I’m a fairly placid and calm sort of guy. I don’t like drama. I seemed to be involved in a lot of the drama.”

Jovanovic’s wife dubbed “Cyclone Cyrell” created the majority of the drama that engulfed him throughout the series.

It began with her overly-protective brother Ivan and ended with Cyrell’s explosive temper eventually convincing Jovanovic to end the relationship.

“We’re amicable,” he says of Cyrell. “We’re pretty good at the moment. That seems to change with the weather, you know how cyclones work.

“One minute we’re good, one minute we’re not, so I just cruise with our friendship and don’t put any expectations and pressure on anything.”

Before MAFS Jovanovic said his desire to appear on the show was based on finding true love.

But he admits after watching the season that it was apparent that the show’s producers were chasing drama and ratings over lasting marriages.

“You can see they do love the drama,” he says. “Everyone who watches the show loves the drama, let’s be honest.

“You’ve got your beautiful couple Cam and Jules, and I’m not going to say they were boring, but they were so beautiful and lovely that is was like, ‘they’re so happy, so let’s see what’s happening with these two and why are they fighting now’.

“People just want clarification that these relationships were worse than their own.

“People who watch it, like it because they can see, ‘we’re not so bad. Look at these idiots’.”

While Cyrell has begun a relationship with another reality TV contestant Eden Dally, from Love Island, Jovanovic is still living the single life.

However, he’s receiving a lot more attention these days, from getting stopped at Waratah Coles for “a couple of hours because everyone wants to have a chat and get some photos” to receiving “a lot of DMs [direct messages]” on social media from admirers.

“I’m just cruising and letting it all settle down,” he says.

“It’s been a big couple of months with the show and my health, so I want to get back on my feet and let everything settle down.”

Married At First Sight was broadcast on Nine, the owner of this website.

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